So, you want toHere I am. know who “I” am?

My name is Sandra L. Smith. I’m a voracious reader with a passion for writing, proofreading, and editing, and I enjoy transforming the written word into gold, something I like to call “literary alchemy.” I love trawling for typos, hunting for grammar gaffes, and refining writing in general. My motto? Why settle for bronze, or even silver, when writing can be transformed into gold?

What’s my background? I’m a graduate of Oakland University (summa cum laude) with a BA in sociology and an English minor. My studies provided me with a well-rounded education and an opportunity to hone my writing and analytical skills. After spending my days surrounded by words in the library where I worked, I shifted gears to work with words before they were released to the world. That’s why I opened my own “wordsmithery,” providing writing, proofreading, and editing services.Here are some tools of the trade.

Literary alchemy: the creative process by which leaden, ordinary writing is transformed into golden, extraordinary writing

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